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Ling Zhou   New York, NY   5 hours ago
Finally! I was able to message about pricing and questions with each carrier via Cellfee on my train commute. That was long overdue peace of mind!

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Dave Wilson   Chicago, IL   5 Days Ago
This Cellfee app was the nudge I needed to ask about some telecom solutions our team was thinking about. I was able to message questions at lunch about T1 lines.

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You've heard the saying and it applies here too - "there's got to be a better way." We are just like you, juggling, working, pressed for time, have kids, drive to soccer practices and have narrow windows of available time. Cellfee is built for simplicity and the ease of asking questions of cellphone carriers and comparing quotes in one handy place. If you are a law firm, logistics company or plumbing company with a more complex infrastructure, we have you in mind too. Try us out. Thank you!

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From the Founder

Hey there! Here's a little intro about Cellfee, which is a simple Chat-based app dedicated to helping you compare cellphone plans. Request a quote from one or more carriers, receive free quotes, request an appointment, receive an in-store brochure, view pricing side by side, ask any question you want, no pressure to do anything further! Give Cellfee a try the next time you have some time on your hands - commuting, waiting in the doctors office, sitting on the bleachers at a soccer practice, lunchtime, check 'get cellphone plan info' off your list with Cellfee.

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